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Sharing Our Gratitude

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Last week, we celebrated San Francisco Friends School's second annual Week of Gratitude, our way of saying thank you to this inspiring SFFS community for their support of the 2018–2019 Annual Fund. We've already exceeded our goal, and we couldn't have done it without each of you. One way we expressed thanks was by sharing gratitude reflections from members of our community throughout the week. Below, we've included a few that we posted to our social media accounts; we will share more during the upcoming Presidents' Week Break.

We kicked things off with words of gratitude from an alumnus of Friends' second-ever graduating class:

"I'm most grateful for the friends I made here at SFFS... That was huge for me. Just knowing each other so well, we've been friends for so long—almost a decade—and during a really developmental part of our lives. We grew up together." – Liam, SFFS '13


"I'm grateful for our teachers, who work hard." – Mayte, First Grade


"I'm grateful for our community. I know I have a lot of support here." – Noah, Kindergarten Lead








"I'm grateful that I learned to ask for what I need at Friends. I'm not afraid to ask teachers for help." – Lily, SFFS '15
"At our high school, some people have a hard time with that, but at Friends we were taught that it was okay." – Clementine, SFFS '17










“I’m grateful for the teachers at Friends.” – Nathan, Fourth Grade
“Yes, me, too. They’re so nice. I’m also grateful for all the field trips.” – Xavier, Fourth Grade
“We get to do a lot of different things here, and I like that.” – Jackson, Fourth Grade
"And we're grateful for our friends, too!" – Nathan
"Definitely our friends!" – Jackson