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a3 & extended day

In 2004, when Friends included only Kindergarten through 2nd Grades, there were two after-school coordinators, and a big day meant that 30 students had come to our program. Today, Friends coordinates activities for around 120 students with a team of 11 teachers working each afternoon. The halls are filled with the excited squeals of students playing Plants vs. Zombies (a tag game created by a group of 2nd-Graders) and the ominous strains of the "Imperial March" from a piano lesson. On some days, the air is filled with the smell of raspberry scones from baking class; while on the yard, 8th-Graders play Monkey in the Middle with their Kindergarten buddies. There is always something happening!

Here at San Francisco Friends School, we believe strongly in the importance of play for all children. Studies show that play is crucial to the development of social/emotional skills, in addition to the bountiful physical benefits. We structure the afternoon so that all our students will have the opportunity to find a quiet place to study, but also have the opportunity to play in the way they are most drawn to, from Legos to Four Square, tag to origami.

As you probably know, kids have a lot of energy after the school day, so our aim is to create a space where we can allow students to let it all out, while still maintaining a safe environment. The Middle-Schoolers also need space to let off some steam, so they are welcome to come out and play as well.

Below, please find a snapshot of our after-school offerings. Every year, we make changes based upon teacher and student feedback, so there is always something new.

Marina Vendrell
Extended Day and After3 Program Director

Extended Day/After3 Programs

We offer an Extended Day Program both before and after regular school hours. The Extended Day program for Lower School and the After3 program for Middle School are available during the following times:

7:45–8:30 a.m. (no charge between 8:00–8:30 a.m.)
2:30–6:00 p.m.

Extended Day (ED) — Lower School (Additional Charge)

The Extended Day program for our Lower School students offers a fun, engaging, and play-based program each day after school. We implement a “club” model, an approach that is engaging and educational for students, while smoothing out the experience for parents. With this “club” approach, students staying after school will first gather for a snack, where they’ll choose an activity to participate in for the following 45 minutes, ranging from coding to crafting to kickball. After the first round of clubs, we’ll come together again and students will choose their next activity. After the second round of “clubs,” students will enjoy some free play on the yard and another snack. As always, a quiet study space will be available daily. Club offerings will rotate throughout the year so there will be something for everyone.

After3 — Middle School (No Additional Charge)

After3 is a comprehensive after-school program of athletics, academics, arts, and activities for our Middle School students, and is included in tuition. Designed to offer a dynamic and balanced experience, the program will allow students to work quietly, exercise, learn, socialize, play, compete, and collaborate. Coaches, developmental support staff, and teachers will ensure a smooth transition from the academic day to purposeful and productive after-school endeavors—whether athletic, artistic, or academic. There is no additional fee for attending and Middle School students are welcome to attend any day that they wish.