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adjustable tuition

At San Francisco Friends School, we are committed to engaging our students in experiences, ideas, ways of thinking, and ways of being that are different than their own. Creating a diverse community is critical to providing a rich, challenging educational experience for every student in our school.

One way we create a diverse community is by adjusting our school’s tuition to meet the financial circumstances of each of our families. The Adjustable Tuition program is key to promoting socioeconomic diversity and one of our school’s top budgetary priorities. Every year, around 21% of the budget is devoted to this programmatic expense that delivers benefits to every student.

San Francisco Friends School subscribes to Clarity, a comprehensive online financial aid application service widely used by independent schools, in order to receive an objective report of each family’s financial need. Clarity processes the information provided by each family on their application along with 2 years of federal income tax documentation, and calculates an estimate of a family’s ability to contribute toward tuition. Through the school’s Adjustable Tuition Program, each family’s individual situation is considered and a tuition is determined in conjunction with Clarity.

We strongly encourage every family who feels they may benefit from an adjusted tuition to explore the Adjusted Tuition Program and what it may mean for your family. Families participating in the program have a wide range of incomes, assets, and individual situations (e.g., multiple children in school, parent out of work, supporting a grandparent.) Families do need to make a new request each year. It is the family’s responsibility to report any change in their financial circumstances so we can adjust their tuition accordingly. If a family’s circumstances are the same from one year to the next, they can expect to have their tuition adjusted to approximately the same percentage of the total annual tuition for that year.

Letters notifying families of their adjusted tuition rate are sent with admission acceptance letters in March.



Direct questions about Adjustable Tuition to:

Yvette Bonaparte
Director of Admission

415-565-0400 x136