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apply to middle school

Our Middle School consists of 5th–8th grades.

Our main entry points for Middle School are 5th and 6th grades and each year we expand both grades and add between 6-10 new students to each grade.

Openings in 7th and 8th grade vary each year, and depend on the number of returning students and space availability.

We do not expect to know if we will have openings in 7th and 8th grades, or how many we may have until the middle of the academic year. A grade may have no openings at all for new students or it may have one or two. It is highly unusual for us to fill more than a very small number of places, if any, but that situation can change late in the admission process. For that reason, we still encourage families to show their interest by submitting a complete application.


The Middle School admission process has several steps. We encourage families to begin the process as early as possible so they can ensure that all forms are complete by the deadline. Details about each step follow the list below.