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Apply to Middle School

Our Middle School consists of 5th–8th grades.

Our main entry points for Middle School are 5th and 6th grades.

Openings in 7th and 8th grade vary each year, and depend on the number of returning students and space availability.

We do not expect to know if we will have openings in 7th and 8th grades, or how many we may have until the middle of the academic year. A grade may have no openings at all for new students or it may have one or two. It is highly unusual for us to fill more than a very small number of places, if any, but that situation can change late in the admission process. For that reason, we still encourage families to show their interest by submitting a complete application.


The Middle School admission process has several steps and two phases. We encourage families to begin the process as early as possible so they can ensure that all forms are complete by the deadlines. Details about each step follow the list below.

Please Note: About Our 5th and 6th Grade Application Process

All 5th grade and 6th grade applicants will be invited to group visit mornings in January. Applicants will meet some of the middle school teachers while they complete math, reading, and writing assessments and participate in a group activity.

We would like to invite all applicants to move through every phase of the admissions process, however we typically have a large pool of strong applicants for very few openings.

To determine if your child might qualify as a Friends Community Scholar, read more information about the program here

The Middle School Admissions Committee reviews the assessments and determines how many applicants will move into the next phase of the admissions process depending on the number of anticipated openings in the grade. Parents/guardians of applicants will receive an email or letter by the end of January with information about the status of their application. Students who are not invited to continue the process will no longer be considered for admission. Students who are invited to continue the process will attend a full-day shadow day in February and parent meetings will be scheduled.

Request Information

Fill out an inquiry request through your Ravenna account here.

Visit Us

Tour and open house dates are listed on our Ravenna website. 


Please submit the application, student statement and supplemental materials, an optional family photo and the application fee online through your Ravenna account. 

The application and all supporting materials are due on January 15, 2021.

If the application fee is of concern, please contact Colleen Curran, Admissions and Lower School Associate at

Student Statement

The Student Statement can be found within your Ravenna account.

We ask each student applying to Middle School to address several short-answer questions about him or herself and write a one-page essay about a topic of his or her choice. In addition, each student should submit a piece of writing produced at their current school.

Student Evaluation Form

Student Evaluation Forms can be found in your Ravenna account.

Sign and submit the Student Evaluation forms to your child's current teacher and to another current or recent former teacher. The form can be sent to teachers directly from your online application. The teachers should send this form directly to San Francisco Friends School.


Sign and submit the transcript request form to the registrar or guidance counselor of your child's current school. We ask for the last two years of report cards or progress reports. Records should be sent directly to the Admissions Office.


Middle school applicants: San Francisco Friends School is test-optional for students applying for admissions for entry in Fall 2021. 

This means that ISEE and other state assessment test scores are not required to apply, though applicants may still choose to submit them. Test results have always only been just one factor we consider in gaining a clearer academic picture of each applicant as they provide one opportunity to present a student’s academic potential and preparedness, but this potential can also be represented in other parts of the application. We will not make any assumptions as to why some students may choose to submit a test score and some don't. There will be no penalty for choosing not to submit scores, and applicants who do not submit scores will not be disadvantaged in any way in our admission process. 


Parent Meeting

The Admissions team will schedule an individual parent meeting with the families continuing to the second phase of the process. The meeting is to learn about your family and to share the mission of San Francisco Friends School. We feel it is important to understand parents' perspectives and educational philosophy. We require both parents or guardians attend the half-hour meeting.

We strive to enroll students whose families understand our mission and will support the values of simplicity, mutual respect, peaceful problem-solving, and service in our school community. We welcome parents who will actively participate in Friends School's family and help to create a vibrant school culture.

Family involvement in the community is central to the continued growth and health of SFFS; families work together to help shape a school culture in which their children will thrive. SFFS parents are as actively involved in the school community as their schedules permit, assisting with service projects, accompanying field trips, or supporting parent education initiatives. Parents participate on a committee with a focus that resonates for them, whether it is Community Involvement, Diversity, Library, Room Parent, or Admissions. All family members are welcome to attend a monthly Meeting for Worship and all-school Parent Association meetings. Families also contribute to fundraising efforts in the school's Annual Fund, and at events such as the spring fundraiser. We are proud that we have achieved our goal of 100% parent, staff, and trustee participation in the Annual Fund since our school opened, and we look forward to carrying on this tradition.

Student Visit

Upon determination of available class space and assessment of readiness to begin our program, student visits will be scheduled in mid-February for applicants who are in the second phase of our admissions process. The student visits will consist of a full day group visit with other applicants. 

In accordance with all K–8 independent schools in San Francisco, admissions decisions are emailed on the same day, Thursday, March 18, 2021 at noon.

Parents enrollment deadline is Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 10 am.

We know that this week can be stressful and choosing an independent school can be a difficult decision. We are more than happy to talk to you during this time whether or not you ultimately decide to join us at San Francisco Friends School.