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Apply to Lower School

Our Lower School includes Kindergarten through 4th Grade. Kindergarten is our main entry point; each year we welcome 44 new Kindergartners.

Openings in Grades 1 - 4 vary each year, and depend on the number of returning students, space availability, and the current gender balance of the class.

We do not expect to know if we will have openings in Grades 1 - 4, or how many we may have until the middle of the academic year. A grade may have no openings at all for new students or it may have one or two. It is highly unusual for us to fill more than a very small number of places, if any, but that situation can change late in the admission process. For that reason, we still encourage families to show their interest by submitting a complete application.

Admission process

1. Request Information (fill out a request form here)

We send each interested family a brochure and information about our school.

2. Visit Us! See Tours and Open Houses

After you have requested information, we will send you a link to our online scheduler to sign up for tours and open houses. We offer school tours for parents beginning in early October. At the tour, parents receive a packet of information about our community and school, including descriptions of our Quaker approach, our curriculum and academic philosophy. Throughout the fall, we will also host evening open houses. At these scheduled events, you will learn about Quaker values, curriculum and programs. You will also have a chance to meet current parents, faculty, and students.

3. Application - apply here

Kindergarten application deadline was December 15, 2017. We are no longer accepting Kindergarten applications.

1st - 4th grade application deadline is February 5, 2018 

Please submit the application and a family photo, along with the application fee online. Please complete separate applications for each child, (i.e. twins, siblings applying for two different grades.) If you would like a paper copy of the application, please contact the Admissions Office.

*1st - 4th grade applicants: Since we will not know if we will have openings in these grades until current families re-enroll in February, applications will be kept on file, and not processed until we know we have an open spot.

If the application fee is of concern, please contact Yvette Bonaparte, Director of Admission.

  Please note

  • We do not encourage first choice letters and ask that you refrain from having personal letters of recommendation mailed to us. The application process is about learning all we can about our applicants based solely on the information that is requested and required in the application.

4.  Student Evaluation Form for Kindergarten applicants due January 9, 2018 (form can be found here

     Student Evaluation Form for 1st - 4th grade applicants due February 5, 2018

Sign and submit the Common Confidential Student Evaluation Form to your child's current teacher. You can also send your teacher the form electronically through your online application. The teacher should send this form directly to San Francisco Friends School.

    Transcripts for 1st - 4th grade applicants due February 5, 2018

We ask for the last 2 years of school transcripts to be sent to our office. 

5. Parent Meeting

Once Kindergarten applicant parents have attended a tour, they will be able to schedule their parent meeting with a member of the admissions team. We feel it is important to learn about your family, and hear parents' perspectives and educational philosophy. We plan to spend a half-hour meeting with each applicant's parents.

We strive to enroll students whose families understand our mission and will support the values of simplicity, mutual respect, peaceful problem-solving and service in our school community. We welcome parents who will actively participate in the Friends School family and help create a vibrant school culture.

Learn more about Quaker Values here

Family involvement in the community is central to the continued growth and health of SFFS; families work together to help shape a school culture in which their children will thrive. SFFS parents are as actively involved in the school community as their schedules permit, assisting with service projects, accompanying field trips, or supporting parent education initiatives. Parents participate on a committee with a focus that resonates for them, whether it is Community Involvement, Equity and Inclusion, Library, Room Parent or Admissions. All family members are welcome to attend a monthly Meeting for Worship and all-school Parent Association meetings. Families also contribute to fundraising efforts in the school's Annual Fund, and at events such as the spring fundraiser. We are proud that we have achieved our goal of 100% parent, staff, and trustee participation in the Annual Fund since our school opened, and we look forward to carrying on this tradition.

6. Student Visit

A student visit for your child will include participation in small group activities and a brief individual meeting with a teacher. We look forward to spending time with each child in our effort to best understand his or her unique characteristics and talents.

Kindergarten applicants will spend two hours at Friends in a supervised playgroup. Activities will include drawing, listening and responding to a story, and free play. Your child will also spend about 10 minutes of this time meeting with a teacher individually, and will engage in a variety of verbal, auditory, and written tasks appropriate to his or her level of development.

7. Admissions decisions emailed: noon on March 15, 2018 

In accordance with all K–8 independent schools in San Francisco, admissions decisions are mailed on the same day.

We know that this week can be stressful and choosing an independent school can be a difficult decision. We are more than happy to talk to you during this time whether or not you ultimately decide to join us at San Francisco Friends School.