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lower school

The Lower School program emphasizes the development of academic, social and emotional skills and habits in an environment that is joyful and challenging, honoring of individuality, diversity and community. While simplicity is valued in our Quaker school, we do not mistake simplicity for over-simplification; our youngest students are challenged to ask questions and explore perspectives about complex problems. While learning can be complicated, we have clarity in our approach. We strive to provide children with appropriate challenges, depth over breadth, and time to reflect, emphasizing the value of process as well as product, infusing their developing knowledge with purpose.

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Program Overview

Lower School Head
Amabelle Sze

"Years ago, when I was looking for a kindergarten for my child, a colleague suggested I go on our admissions tour. I’d already been teaching at Friends for years and thought I knew the place inside and out. But I will always remember the first time I took a tour of our school.I knew Friends was a place of learning and exploration—but that morning was a revelation. I watched as students' eyes widened with joy and wonder in every classroom, on the front yard, in the stacks of the sun-drenched library—and this time I did it from the perspective of a visitor instead of a teacher. It was a powerful moment for me in my career at Friends..."