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equity, inclusion, and belonging

At San Francisco Friends School, we are committed to creating a community where all community members- students, families, faculty, and staff (or employees) are seen, heard, and their dignity respected. We embrace the truth that the process of building, nurturing, and sustaining community is ongoing, requiring thoughtful, tender attention, and deliberate, consistent engagement. 

We strive to listen hard, lean in close, and learn from the dynamic, diverse communities within and beyond the school. From the classroom to the Meeting Room,to the community that surrounds us in the Mission and beyond, our communities are varied, inclusive, and diverse. Teachers work hard both in and out of class to ensure all voices and perspectives are heard and celebrated. The result is a vibrant, challenging, and diverse community where all feel stretched, nourished, and engaged. We seek to build understanding with humility and engage with others within or beyond our walls with open spirits and minds. As a result, we walk away with a deeper understanding of ourselves, a stronger connection to one another, and a life lived with meaning and purpose.

Our diverse community helps us form healthy relationships with oneself and the world and challenges us to both learn and grow, essential components of the Quaker concept of continuing revelation, in which truth and understanding are continuously revealed to us through ongoing work and reflection. Children and families at Friends come from different cultural groups, a wide spectrum of economic circumstances, and many different neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. Being a diverse community offers us an opportunity—indeed an obligation—to learn from our differences, find common ground, solve problems together, check our assumptions and deepen our sensitivities to the feelings and experiences of others. 

Quaker schools are built on the foundation that every child has an inner Light, meaning that each member’s unique voice is valued, contributing to and strengthening the overall community. Whether our Parents Association is welcoming new families to affinity potlucks, 4th-Graders are reading in Spanish to their preschool buddies at Mission Head Start, or 8th-Graders meeting with state senators in Sacramento to discuss ways to support those experiencing homelessness, the thread that binds these experiences together is our philosophy and approach as a Quaker school. 

Our work and growth in the realm of inclusion and belonging has taken numerous forms throughout the two decades since our founding in 2002, including:

Our Mission:

At San Francisco Friends School, students learn in a community grounded in the Quaker values of reflection, integrity, peaceful problem-solving and stewardship. Our teachers challenge students with a dynamic curriculum that inspires curiosity, cooperation and hard work. We teach children to listen to all voices and to trust their own. We engage with the world around us with kindness and conviction, working toward the Quaker ideal of a caring and just society.

Our Community:

• 55% students of color
• 26% students with tuition adjustment
• 6% LGBTQ+ families
• 4% single parents
• 4% adoptive families
• 10% Spanish-speaking families
• 30 zip codes represented