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Reopening SFFS

Please note: this page will be updated frequently. Last updated on October 27, 2020. 

The guiding priorities of our reopening planning process are to:

  • Maintain Our Strong Community and Connection: We remain committed to doing everything we can to keep our entire SFFS community whole and connected, and;
  • Cultivate Our Rich Academic Program: We will continue to deliver the SFFS curriculum, as guided by our mission to inspire curiosity, cooperation, and hard work, as well as our strong focus on working towards the Quaker ideal of a caring and just society.

We also have established a list of guidelines for reopening:

  • The school will be closed to visitors; parents, guardians, and caregivers will be asked to drop students off and pick students up at their assigned location and to wear masks and maintain distance from others during the drop-off / pick-up routine
  • Parents, guardians, and caregivers will need to answer daily COVID-19 screening questions, without exception, in order for their child to be allowed on campus
  • All faculty, staff, and students will be expected to wear masks at all times while on campus, and appropriate distancing will be maintained whenever possible
  • Students will be grouped in small, stable cohorts and will remain in their cohort's designated areas throughout the school day 
  • Strict hygiene and cleaning regimens will be maintained at school, with rooms cleaned and supplies sanitized frequently and thoroughly, per Department of Public Health recommendations

please click here to review our reopening plan
(last updated 10/6/20)



You can read all of Mike's reopening updates 
on our COVID-19 Response & Communications webpage



Reopening Staggered Schedule
October 26: Kindergarten and First Grade 
November 9: Second, Third, and Fourth Grades 
November 30: All Students in Friends@Home following Thanksgiving
December 7: Fifth and Sixth Grades 
January 4: All Students in Friends@Home following Winter Break
January 11: Seventh and Eighth Grades (K–8 all present on a 2:3 Hybrid Schedule)

Please note that during the week prior to a grade level returning, teachers of that cohort will participate in professional development training that we hope will make their return, the return of their students, and the experience of students continuing remotely, as seamless and sustainable as possible. This training will have three main components: 

  1. Technology: teaching in the classroom will incorporate technology that will allow students at home to Zoom in
  2. Health and Wellness: new practices surrounding navigating the building, daily procedures such as lunch and carpool, and protocols for students who feel sick during the day, among others, will require additional training for our faculty and staff
  3. Blended Learning: we will focus several professional development sessions on combining best practices from virtual and in-person instruction to create robust teaching and learning experiences in both environments"