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Welcome to Friends

Mike Hanas, Head of School

What's an education for?
What matters most?
What's possible? And what difference can I make?

These are just a few of the questions that animate our work at San Francisco Friends School. We are both young, in the middle of our second decade, and old, part of a 325-year tradition of Friends education, a tradition of aspiration and excellence in academics and character, the head and the heart—what I like to think of and call Education for Action!

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    Celebrating Diversity And Quaker Values At The Pride Parade
    John Tighe P'24

    As we celebrate the Pride Parade returning to San Francisco this summer, we wanted to re-share an essay by SFFS parent John Tighe P'24 on the beauty of marching with SFFS Friends. This essay was originally published on our site on May 26, 2017.

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    Comings & Goings in the Middle School
    Clarke Weatherspoon, Middle School Head

    Each year, we learn that we will be saying goodbye to colleagues who are moving on or retiring from their positions at SFFS. As we encourage risk-taking, lifelong learning, and growth in both our students and ourselves, we celebrate our Friends as they continue their adventures and journeys outside of 250 Valencia, and we thank them for their contributions to our community. This year I reached out to colleagues  for some insight about our departures. The quotes you will read below are from unnamed faculty members who have years and decades of collaborative experience with our departing colleagues. I hope their words help convey a fraction of the debt we owe them as instructional leaders and community members. We encourage you to help us honor and celebrate those who are departing, while also welcoming those who will soon be joining this special community of learners and Friends.

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    Comings & Goings in the Lower School
    Jennifer Arnest, Lower School Head

    We are preparing for the 2022–2023 school year in earnest already, and we do so with optimism for a bright future at SFFS. The vibrating spirit of professional and personal growth and change is alive and well in our school culture, unabated, and there are several internal shifts, and a few moving on transitions, that we want to share with you now. 

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    What You Won’t See at Horizons at SFFS’ Annual Benefit 
    by Laura Medina Quintanar, Executive Director of Horizons at SFFS

    One of the first conversations that I participated in when I joined Horizons at SFFS, in late February 2020, was a very honest debrief of Horizons’ fundraiser at Bimbo’s 365 Club. The central discussion questions: the benefit at the new venue had been successful, but had it been inclusive? Did it uphold Horizons’ values grounded in equity and social justice? Was an event really “the Horizons way?” 

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    Notice Anything Different About Us?
    Alissa Kinney Moe

    Hopefully you noticed our beautiful, redesigned website, which we just debuted this week. We've been working on this new site for awhile, and we're excited to be able to share it with you now. With this updated platform, we hope to be able to share more engaging content, news about our school, and ways to connect with this wonderful community at SFFS. 

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