“All things are connected. We did not weave the web of life. We are but a strand in it.” Chief Seattle


SFFS Community Partners

Authentic - Reciprocal - Sustainable

As we've settled into our permanent home in the Mission District, we have worked to honor our philosophical commitment as a Quaker institution to engage in and with our community in a meaningful way. We have sought out and sustained ongoing mutual relationships with community organizations; these efforts have grown from isolated projects and curricular units to authentic and reciprocal community connections.




Curricular Connection


K Mission Neighborhood Health Center Gift and snack bags Community study Year-long
1st Francis of Assisi Senior Center Dancing with residents Understanding differences, building relationships Weekly sessions for 12 weeks
2nd SPCA Fundraisers and pet adoption Care for animals, responsibility, advocacy Year-long
3rd International Refugee Committee Collection drives, photo project Immigration and advocacy Year-long
4th Holy Family Day Home Reading buddies with preschoolers Literacy and mentoring Year-long
5th Francis of Assisi Senior Center Oral history drama productions Drama productions and class theme of relationships 2nd Semester
6th SF Giant Sweep Program Neighborhood clean up Exploration of public space and our roles in the city Year-long 
7th San Francisco Food Bank Food sorting Nutrition and the class trip to Nicaragua  Four visits throughout the year
8th Determined annually Student driven project tied to Central Valley trip Action project based on research of immigration, water, health, education Year-long with culminating week-long trip

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