What’s an education for?

What matters most?                                

What’s possible?

What difference can I make?

These are just a few of the questions that animate our work at San Francisco Friends School. We are both young, in the middle of our second decade, and old, part of a 325-year tradition of Friends Education, a tradition of aspiration and excellence in academics and character, the head and the heart — what I like to think of and call Education for Action!

Our teachers, coaches, and advisors design and facilitate hands-on and minds-on student experiences in math, science, and sports, in the arts, humanities, and Spanish, and in reflection and service. Our Academic Philosophy is clear: We make use of the best of Quaker educational traditions, as well as current research in psychology and neuroscience, to create a program that is academically rigorous, intellectually engaging, purposeful, and affirming of the spirit of each child. Along the way we seize every opportunity to learn in and from the San Francisco and Bay Area community of which we are part —­­­ and we embrace our responsibility to contribute.

I’ve spent over thirty years in schools in various roles including teacher, advisor, coach, administrator, head of school, parent, and (most importantly) student. I love to learn, and I am thrilled to be part of this community —­­­ of students, teachers, parents, board members, and alums — that has so deliberately framed its program and chosen its location in the Mission.

So, welcome to San Francisco Friends School. I hope you'll explore our website and then visit our campus to learn more about Quaker education as well as to take a look at Education for Action in action.

Thinking SFFS,

Mike Hanas
Head of School



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